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Trump meets with GM CEO

I recently returned to Fox Business’ After the Bell to elaborate on the “Vortex of Volatility” and aspects ranging from geopolitical factors to climate change that are influencing our markets today. Watch my discussion with host Melissa Francis here.

Source: Fox Business

Fox Business After The Bell – US & Global Factors Impacting the Market Today

From US-specific to global influences, there are many aspects impacting the current market today. Here I discuss these factors with Melissa Francis, Connell McShane, Adam Lashinsky, & Susan Li on Fox Business’ After The Bell. Watch highlights from the segment below.

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GM Earnings, Streaming Video-on-Demand War

I had the pleasure of returning to Bloomberg Radio to discuss with hosts Jason Kelly & Taylor Riggs about the private equity space today and the two biggest challenges it faces: the “Vortex of Volatility” and competition of deals in the market. Listen to our full interview here.

Source: Bloomberg

Fox Business After The Bell – US-China Trade Talks

Sharing key observations after recently visiting with our Alvarez & Marsal Global Transaction Advisory Group in Asia, I join Fox Business’ Melissa Francis for another insightful appearance on After The Bell to discuss US-China trade & tariffs and private equity deal flow in the region. For the full segment, watch here.

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Deal flow continues within the Chinese Economy

Discussing the Chinese economy and global M&A in the Asia region, I share my private equity insights on Yahoo! Finance with hosts Julie Hyman & Adam Shapiro. Watch the full “On the Move” segment here.

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Fox Business News After The Bell – Tesla Deadline, Huawei’s Charm Offensive, and Trade Optimism

With Fox Business hosts Melissa Francis & Connell McShane, I give my industry perspective on the current global events: from the Tesla Model 3 announcement’s impact on the stock market to Huawei Technologies’ open letter to U.S. media. Watch our After the Bell moments here.

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Private Equity M&A, Retail Cannabis Products

I had the opportunity to join Carol Massar and Jason Kelly on Bloomberg Radio, where I provided my point-of-view on the private equity market, how it has been impacted by geopolitical issues in Q1 2019, and the outlook for the rest of the year. Our full discussion on “Bloomberg Businessweek” can be heard here.

Source: Bloomberg

Fox Business News After The Bell – December Jobs Report & Market Update

On Fox Business’ After The Bell, I had the opportunity to share my view on the December Jobs Report, US-China Trade Wars, the Trump Administration, and other US Economy & Financial Market updates. Watch my discussion with hosts Melissa Francis and Connell McShane below.

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Out IN Front: The Insider’s Guide to M&A Trends – Paul Aversano

It doesn’t matter what side you are on: variables impacting M&A activity on one side of the world can impact the other side. Recently, I joined M&A Advisor’s Out IN Front Task Force as a member and had the opportunity to discuss the Vortex of Volatility & how it is far from settling down. Watch below.

Source: The M&A Advisor

European Risks, Market Volatility, Jobs Report

With private equity firms sitting on record amounts of dry powder, volatility could help drive transactions as asset valuations adjust from record levels. I discuss this and more with hosts Carol Massar & Jason Kelly on Bloomberg Radio’s Businessweek segment. Watch it here.

Source: Bloomberg

Is the White House mishandling the trade situation with China?

Recently, I had the opportunity to be part of Fox Business’ Bulls & Bears panel discussion, where I, alongside Fox News’ Liz Peek, Heritage’s Stephen Moore, Fortune Magazine’s Adam Lashinsky, and host, David Asman, covered various market topics including trade policy with China, the November Jobs Report, and Facebook stock buybacks. Watch the full show here.

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Fox Business News After The Bell – November Jobs Report & Interest Rates

I joined Fox Business’ Melissa Francis and Connell McShane on After the Bell to share my market perspective on the November Jobs Report and uncertainty surrounding the The Fed’s interest rate policy. Watch here for my full conversation with Melissa, Connell, Barron’s Jack Hough, and Money Map Press’ Keith Fitz-Gerald.

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Paul Aversano Talks Investing in Private Equities

With the tremendous amount of equity waiting to be deployed in private equity and record high valuations as of recently in 2018, the market sell-off may have created the perfect storm for M&A — though sellers may still need to adjust their expectations. I had an insightful conversation on this topic with Oliver Renick on TD Ameritrade’s Market on Close. Watch it here.

Source: TD Ameritrade

High Point in Deal Cycle, Self-Heated Mug

I joined Bloomberg Radio’s Carol Massar & Jason Kelly on Businessweek to discuss the dealmaking cycle, including the current “Vortex of Volatility” and trends in the private equity space. Listen to our full interview here.

Source: Bloomberg

Trump attributes market volatility to midterms

Despite President Trump’s pro-business policies, the potential for gridlock in Washington is weighing on financial markets. Here I sit down with Melissa Francis on Fox Business’ After the Bell to discuss how uncertainty is creating market volatility heading into the midterm elections.

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Paul Aversano Talks 4Q18 M&A Outlook

From technological disruption to an abundance of dry powder, there are several factors playing a major role in 2018’s record-breaking M&A activity. To hear my PoV on this topic, watch my conversation with host Oliver Renick on TD Ameritade’s Morning Trade Live below.

Source: TD Ameritrade

Fox Business News After The Bell – Trade & Tariffs, August Jobs Report, & Elon Musk

On this segment of After The Bell, I provide my industry POV on US trade & tariffs, Tesla’s Elon Musk, and the August Jobs Report with Fox Business’ Melissa Francis and David Asman. Watch highlights from our conversation below.

Source: Fox Business News

Bloomberg Businessweek: Social Media on Capitol Hill

I had the opportunity to share my industry perspective on the factors driving the “Vortex of Volatility” and how this uncertainty is impacting the global M&A landscape with Bloomberg Radio hosts, Carol Massar and Jason Kelly. Listen to our conversation on “Bloomberg Businessweek” here.


Paul Aversano Explains the “Vortex of Volatility”

The “Vortex of Volatility” is in full swing as a result of contributing factors including, but not limited to, technological disruption and China-US trade tensions. Here I discuss this and its impact on M&A with TD Ameritrade’s Oliver Renick on Morning Trade Live.

Source: TD Ameritrade Network

Fox Business News After The Bell – Twitter/Facebook Earnings Fallout & GDP Growth

Joined Fox Business’ Cheryl Casone and Adam Shapiro on After the Bell to share my industry perspective on the recent Twitter & Facebook earnings fallout and the US’ strong GDP growth. Watch clips from our segment below.

Source: Fox Business News

Fox Business News After The Bell – June Jobs Report

Recently shared my market view on the June Jobs Report and its impact on US-China Trade Tensions on Fox Business Network’s After the Bell. Watch as I discuss this topic with Melissa Francis and David Asman below.

Source: Fox Business News

Stocks React to April’s Jobs Report

The recently released April Jobs Report indicates booming growth for the US economy and offers a positive outlook on inflation and interest rates. Here I joined Wall Street Journal’s Veronica Dagher and The Future File’s Carol Roth to discuss this topic on Fox Business’ After the Bell. Watch the full interview here.

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Signs A Potential Market Downturn Is Ahead?

I had the opportunity to share my outlook as well as the insights I’ve gained at Milken Institute’s 2018 Global Conference on trade, tariffs and the overall market on Fox Business Network’s After the Bell. Watch the full interview here.

Source: Fox Business News

Fox Business News After The Bell – US Public Equity Market Volatility

Recently, I joined Melissa Francis and David Asman on Fox Business Network’s After the Bell to share my industry perspective on the factors affecting the US Public Equity market and its present volatility. Here’s more of my take here:

Source: Fox Business News

Dubai Eye 103.8: Biz Breakfast Interview

As our Global Alvarez & Marsal team rapidly grows throughout the Middle East, we note the M&A trends in India & the UAE. I recently had the opportunity to share this on Dubai Eye 103.8’s Biz Breakfast with hosts, Richard Dean and Brandy Scott. Watch the full interview here.

Paul Aversano: Trends Affecting Global M&A 2018

Here I discuss how Brexit uncertainty and foreign investments are among the critical factors impacting cross-border mergers & acquisitions activity and how these will shape the 2018 private equity global landscape.

Paul Aversano: Trends Affecting Domestic M&A 2018

Here I give insight on key factors such as tax reform and technology disruption influencing US mergers & acquisitions and how these will affect the private equity industry in 2018.

2017 Milken Global Conference

I had the wonderful opportunity of ringing Nasdaq’s closing bell on stage at the 2017 Milken Institute Global Conference. Watch the full video here.

2017 Milken Global Conference: Times Square

Ringing in the record Nasdaq closing bell at the 2017 Milken Institute Global Conference was a moment to remember! Check out the view from New York’s Times Square here.

Stocks Shake Off Disappointing Jobs Report and Negative News

With the March Jobs Report recently released amidst the current political climate, many questions arose on what impact this will have on the US economic market. Here’s when I shared the guest panel with Steve Forbes, Chairman of Forbes Media and Barron’s Senior Editor, Jack Hough on Fox Business Network’s After The Bell. Watch the full interview here.


Trump May Be Partially Responsible for Making M&A Great Again

As US President and experienced dealmaker, Donald Trump’s proposed policies are instilling hope in the market and are set to drive M&A activity. In this recent interview with The Street, I share my take on what to expect under the new administration in the private equity space for 2017. To watch, click here.


Fox Business News After The Bell – December Jobs Report

Recently, I had the great opportunity to be invited again on Fox Business Network’s After the Bell with Melissa Francis where we discussed how the latest US Jobs Report relates to our current private equity market.

Source: Fox Business Network

How the August Jobs Report Will Effect the Economy Moving Forward?

On Fox Business News last week, I had the opportunity to talk about the latest jobs report and expressed my views on how the current job market is eroding confidence in the economy.


M&A Advisor Live: Paul Aversano, – Alvarez & Marsal

The US/UK cross-border mergers & acquisitions has always been an example of a productive industry relationship between 2 global markets. During this pre-Brexit live webcast hosted by The M&A Advisor, I discussed the different factors which contributed to this great M&A relationship. Here’s a clip of the video: aversano-a

Brexit Vote’s Impact on US Businesses

With Brexit Vote becoming official, this big decision by the UK to leave the European Union has raised a lot of questions across a lot of global economies, especially here in the US. Uncertainty being the common sentiment among many, I discuss with Melissa Francis on After the Bell at Fox Business Network in New York City on the possible impact this may have short and long term. Watch more of this interview here. aversano-a

Paul Aversano on the Challenges in the Emerging Growth Space

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Silvia Davi of Equities Magazine at Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square, New York. We discussed the challenges facing growing companies as they undergo different corporate stages. I shared how we at Alvarez & Marsal Transaction Advisory Group would approach and provide the strategic support and management these companies would need.
Watch it here.

Paul Aversano on Global Dealmaking and IPOs in 2016

Global dealmaking is one of the big service strengths our Alvarez & Marsal Transaction Advisory Group is proud of. Here in this interview with Equities Magazine’s Silvia Davi at the New York +Nasdaq Marketsite, we talk about the mergers & acquisitions movement during the start of 2016 and how it affects other emerging markets around the world. Watch it here. aversano-b

Paul Aversano Today’s Innovation and Growth Markets

In a strongly evolving market, technology is a constant innovative factor seen especially in different industries such as financial services and healthcare. At Alvarez & Marsal Transaction Advisory Group, we have dedicated teams that provide service to crossing & converging industries. Watch this video interview where I speak with Silvia Davi of Equities Magazine in New York about this trend. Watch it here. aversano-c

Paul Aversano on what’s Next for Alvarez & Marsal

Since 2006, Alvarez & Marsal Transaction Advisory Group has been providing operational, industry and functional expertise to our clients. And as we celebrate our 10th year in the practice, we look forward to continuing to deliver this same level of commitment and growth of service, not only in the US but consistently expanding it in our different global regions. Here’s when I spoke to Equities Magazine’s Silvia Davi in Nasdaq New York about where I see our global team in the years to come. Watch it here. aversano-d

What will it take to get the U.S. economy back on track?

The latest Jobs report shows a decrease in labor participation and the number of jobs lower than what was expected, I had the privilege of sharing my views on how this current uncertainty may continue to impact US economy this year. Here’s a clip of my interview on Fox Business News’s After the Bell in New York. Watch it here.

Alvarez & Marsal’s Paul Aversano On Fun, Trust And Commitment In Client Relationships

Here at Alvarez & Marsal, our Transaction Advisory Group takes a personal stake in the clients’ needs and successes. I discuss in this A&M’s Signature Series video our differentiating factor of how we value building client trust and maintaining relationships, as well as adding an element of fun and engagement, in every partnership we cultivate.

Paul Aversano of Alvarez & Marsal Talks Private Equity Trends with The Deal

Recently, Paul Aversano spoke with The Deal about the trends being seen for 2015 and how it affects buyer and seller conditions in the private equity market. Watch more of the interview here: paul-aversano-video-thumbnail

Paul Aversano Takes On The Changes in Private Equity

The current state of private equity is seeing a disruption called a barbell effect of funds. Funds are either moving to various industry specializations on one end or smaller funds are continuing to get larger. Those stuck in between need to adapt to specializations in order to survive the current state of the market. Watch more about the state of PE here:

Alvarez & Marsal’s Aversano on financing, PE and M&A outlook

Dealmakers are apparently hard at work year-round, according to Alvarez & Marsal LLC managing director Paul Aversano, who observed that “starting with last year the historical seasonality of private equity has almost gone out of the window.” Aversano also discusses in this video interview with The Deal Pipeline’s David Holley how eagerness to access the debt markets changed M&A in 2011 and why he’s bullish on transactions for the rest of the calendar year. – George White