Paul Aversano on Analyzing the M&A Landscape

It’s always a pleasure to speak with host Oliver Renick about the volatile markets in our economy today. As multiple disruptive forces can potentially enter the M&A space, companies and investors should both be aware of these factors and possibly utilize them to strive for economic growth. Listen to our full interview on TD Ameritade’s Morning Trade Live below.

Trump meets with GM CEO

I recently returned to Fox Business’ After the Bell to elaborate on the “Vortex of Volatility” and aspects ranging from geopolitical factors to climate change that are influencing our markets today. Watch my discussion with host Melissa Francis here.

What M&A Dealmakers Need To Understand About the Current “Vortex of Volatility”

With so many factors driving current markets, we must learn to face the “Vortex of Volatility” in order to navigate our way through the pressures and challenges in the deal making space today. Recently, I had the opportunity to share my insights on this in a Q&A with Intralinks in its Deal Flow Predictor & North American M&A H2 2019 report.

GM Earnings, Streaming Video-on-Demand War

I had the pleasure of returning to Bloomberg Radio to discuss with hosts Jason Kelly & Taylor Riggs about the private equity space today and the two biggest challenges it faces: the “Vortex of Volatility” and competition of deals in the market. Listen to our full interview here.


From digital transformation to record amounts of dry powder waiting to be deployed, there are a multitude of variables impacting private equity markets, and the ‘Vortex of Volatility’ remains in full swing. Read the full article found below.

Fox Business After The Bell – US-China Trade Talks

Sharing key observations after recently visiting with our Alvarez & Marsal Global Transaction Advisory Group in Asia, I join Fox Business’ Melissa Francis for another insightful appearance on After The Bell to discuss US-China trade & tariffs and private equity deal flow in the region. For the full segment, watch here.

Deal flow continues within the Chinese Economy

Discussing the Chinese economy and global M&A in the Asia region, I share my private equity insights on Yahoo! Finance with hosts Julie Hyman & Adam Shapiro. Watch the full “On the Move” segment here.