Deal flow continues within the Chinese Economy

Discussing the Chinese economy and global M&A in the Asia region, I share my private equity insights on Yahoo! Finance with hosts Julie Hyman & Adam Shapiro. Watch the full “On the Move” segment here.

Private Equity M&A, Retail Cannabis Products

I had the opportunity to join Carol Massar and Jason Kelly on Bloomberg Radio, where I provided my point-of-view on the private equity market, how it has been impacted by geopolitical issues in Q1 2019, and the outlook for the rest of the year.

Cross-Border M&A: 2018 Trends & 2019 Outlook

Throughout 2018, M&A was driven by a multitude of factors as significant amounts of capital became available in the global financial system, making it a record year for private equity (PE) firms in the U.S. and around the globe.

Out IN Front: The Insider’s Guide to M&A Trends – Paul Aversano

It doesn’t matter what side you are on: variables impacting M&A activity on one side of the world can impact the other side. Recently, I joined M&A Advisor’s Out IN Front Task Force as a member and had the opportunity to discuss the Vortex of Volatility & how it is far from settling down. Watch below.

European Risks, Market Volatility, Jobs Report

With private equity firms sitting on record amounts of dry powder, volatility could help drive transactions as asset valuations adjust from record levels. I discuss this and more with hosts Carol Massar & Jason Kelly on Bloomberg Radio’s Businessweek segment. Watch it here. Source: Bloomberg

Is the White House mishandling the trade situation with China?

Recently, I had the opportunity to be part of Fox Business’ Bulls & Bears panel discussion, where I, alongside Fox News’ Liz Peek, Heritage’s Stephen Moore, Fortune Magazine’s Adam Lashinsky, and host, David Asman, covered various market topics including trade policy with China, the November Jobs Report, and Facebook stock buybacks. Watch the full show […]

Fox Business News After The Bell – November Jobs Report & Interest Rates

I joined Fox Business’ Melissa Francis and Connell McShane on After the Bell to share my market perspective on the November Jobs Report and uncertainty surrounding the The Fed’s interest rate policy. Watch here for my full conversation with Melissa, Connell, Barron’s Jack Hough, and Money Map Press’ Keith Fitz-Gerald. Source: Fox Business

Paul Aversano Talks Investing in Private Equities

With the tremendous amount of equity waiting to be deployed in private equity and record high valuations as of recently in 2018, the market sell-off may have created the perfect storm for M&A — though sellers may still need to adjust their expectations. I had an insightful conversation on this topic with Oliver Renick on TD Ameritrade’s Market on Close. Watch it here.